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California Bar Tutors fills the gaps left by commercial bar reviews. We not only teach the law, we teach you how to apply the law and be successful on the most difficult licensing exam in the country. To help you achieve your goal of becoming a licensed attorney, we have created a variety of products that include: Essay and Performance Test Approaches; Essay and Performance Test Review and Grading; and a Customized Review Service for Repeat Takers, find out more about us...

CBT Print Books

  • "2015 California Bar Exam Total Preparation Book" Price: $99.99
  • "2015 California Bar Exam Performance Test Approach" Price: $19.99
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CBT eBooks Now Available

  • "2015 California Bar Exam Total Preparation eBook" Price: $80
  • "2015 California Bar Exam Multi-State Outlines eBook" Price: $35
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The Passer’s Package &
Pass Guarantee

The Passer’s Package Includes:

2015 California Bar Exam Total
        Preparation Book

CBT's Total Preparation Flash Cards

Essays and Performance Tests
    Graded & Critiqued

Professional Tutoring With Easy Access To The Answers You Need

A Customized Study Schedule

PLUS CBT’S Pass guarantee!!

Tutoring for the California Bar

If you want a personalized approach to you help you succeed on the California Bar Exam then individual tutoring may be right for you.

In addition, to teaching you how to pass the bar, our tutors tailor study and assignment schedules so that you can make the most efficient use of the study time that you have available.

CBT offers: One-on-one tutoring &
Virtual tutoring

Find out how we can help you pass!