Foreign Educated or Licensed Attorneys

Bar takers who earned their law degree outside of the United States (including those who have earned a U.S. LL.M. degree) are required to sit the full Bar exam. If that’s you, we invite you to review our full Bar Exam Passer’s Packages, here. Once you have enrolled, one of our client coordinators will make sure that your selected tutor is the perfect fit! We have tutors who specialize in working with Bar takers who are not native English speakers, and those who are not from common law jurisdictions. We adapt to fit your needs! If you have any questions please reach out to us!


Attorneys Licensed in other U.S. States: “Attorney Exam”

Attorney applicants are only required to sit for two of the three exam days. With the full day MBE exam waived, Attorneys licensed in other U.S. states must complete a total of 6 subject essays and 2 performance tests. As you know, California’s Bar Exam is one of the most difficult exams in the country. Whether you have been out of law school for one year or twenty, the prospect of reentering the world formal examination is daunting. Don’t worry, that is why we are here.

At CBT we have dedicated ourselves to the California Bar Exam. Refining substantive law outlines and teaching our clients how to write effective bar exam answers is our business. Utilizing our team of California attorneys, law professors, and former bar exam graders, CBT clients gain valuable insight into the bar exam and learn the priceless techniques needed to pass.

As a Client, you will be able to login to the CBT Portal with access to:

      • Streaming Video Lectures 
      • Online Substantive Law Outlines
      • The CBT Question Bank
      • Comprehensive Schedules
      • Assignment Submission

Complete one of our programs at your own pace and not only will you have piece of mind, but also CBT’s Pass Guarantee*.

You’ve already proved that you have what it takes once, our Attorney Package helps you show that you never lost it!

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Essays Reviewed, Graded and Critiqued50
Performance Tests Reviewed, Graded and Critiqued20
Tutoring Hours10
Comprehensive Study Schedule
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*CBT’s Pass Guarantee provides that if you complete all of the essays and performance tests in the chosen package and you fail the California Bar Exam, you will be allowed to retake the same Passer’s Package for free! If there are new editions of CBT’s materials, you will receive those at no charge.*

At CBT, we stand behind our work! Sign up now to avoid disappointment.