April 9, 2015 CBT

CBT Launches New Website

Every year CBT’s number of clients grows in response to word spreading about CBT’s effective methods for passing the California Bar Exam. What started eight years ago as a local tutoring company, CBT now provides services to bar takers all over the world! Each year CBT adds new products and services, providing clients with more choice while maintaining excellent value.

New for 2015:

  • CBT has designed a new custom website with a client portal. The CBT Portal allows clients to access lecture videos, outlines, and previously administered bar exam essays. What’s more, clients can now submit their assignments and message their tutors through the CBT Portal! Everything you need for bar study in one place!
  • Lectures to Go! Now CBT subject lectures are available to download from iTunes and Google Play. Listen at the gym or on the road and maximize your study time!

Would you like CBT to offer a new product or service? Tell us about it: Questions@CaliforniaBarTutors.com

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