California Bar Exam Solutions

Becoming an attorney is an achievement that will change your life forever. It is the reward for many years of study, sacrifice and dedication. Over the years, law students acquire many valuable skills that serve them well in practice. Not surprisingly, the vast amount of substantive law that must be covered in law school leaves little time for instruction on how to actually pass the California Bar Exam.

Make no mistake; it’s not a law school exam. It’s not graded in the same way, it’s not scored in the same way, and you should not write it in the same way. How do you approach the last hurdle to a new career? We’re here to show you.

At CBT we have dedicated ourselves to the California Bar Exam. Refining substantive law outlines and teaching our clients how to write effective bar exam answers is our business. You may have taken the exam before, or this may be your first time, but at CBT our attorneys, law professors, and former bar exam graders have collectively been there hundreds of times, and we’ve been there with our students over a thousand. Our materials are designed to efficiently tell you what you need to know. Our tutors and grading services are here to tell you how to pass. Below are some of our offerings. If you have questions or need a small miracle, please connect with us. We’d love to chat.