CBT Total Preparation Flash Cards

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04CBT Total Preparation Flash Cards offer the perfect supplement to your Bar Exam study. Do you need to learn on the go? Do you want to test your knowledge? Do you need to focus on one area of law? Would you like the option of customizing your Flash Cards? If you do, then CBT Total Preparation Flash Cards are a fantastic choice!

CBT Total Preparation Flash Cards not only provide the key rule elements that you need to memorize in order to be successful on the Bar Exam, they also provide important nuanced definitions and key notes regarding application. 



CBT Total Preparation Flash Cards Set features:

+ Civil Procedure; Wills; Trusts; Agency & Partnership; Corporations; Community Property; Professional Responsibility; Constitutional Law; Real Property; Evidence; Contracts; Criminal Law & Procedure; Torts.

+ Detailed rules and nuanced definitions

+ Color-coded 4 x 6 inch 14pt FlashCards printed in the USA  

+ Four rugged transparent containers to hold your FlashCards


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