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essay and PT GradingNow featuring the new Performance Test being administered in July, 2017

To complete the California Bar Exam, you will have to pass a 90 minute performance test. CBT provides performance exams, released answers, detailed critiques of your answers, and a strategy guide that will teach you techniques that you can successfully employ even on the hardest performance test.

Clients will be directed to download a packet of 0ver 80 previously administered multistate performance tests that have been hand picked by CBT Tutors. This collection is designed to expose you to the variety of tasks that you could be asked to complete when taking the bar exam. They have been selected to expose your true writing ability so that our tutors can provide a thorough evaluation and detailed critique of your writing style. You choose which performance tests to submit from the packet. Once received by CBT, your performance tests will be graded by former bar graders and California licensed attorneys that have been subjected to the same rigorous training that bar graders receive. Your performance tests will be scored on the same scale that the bar uses so that you will know what score you would have received had you taken that performance test during an actual bar exam! 

How It Works:

-Decide the number of essays you wish to have reviewed and graded from the list below & Click “Add To Cart”

-Complete the Checkout process

-You will be provided a link where you can download a packet of previously administered bar exam questions to choose from.

-Select the questions you would like to submit & write your essay answer (remembering to add the administration date)

-Upload your answer via the “Submit” button on our navigation bar, or email your completed answers to:

*Your essays are graded on the same scale that the California Bar uses*
*Detailed feedback using CBT’s customized feedback form provides writing strategies tailored to your personal needs* 
*Essays are returned 3 business days after receipt*

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*Your graded PTs expire 12 months after purchase. They cannot be transferred to another person and they are non-refundable.


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